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2001: UN and Annan win Nobel Peace Prize.
2002: Second UN Earth Summit in Johannesburg
2002: East Timor gains independence.
2002: UN weapons inspectors return to Iraq.

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water scene World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg. Ten years after the Rio Earth Summit, world leaders gathered in Johannesburg to assess progress made towards the goals of Agenda 21 and set new goals on clean drinking water, energy for the poor, curbing global warming, protecting biodiversity.

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Web site for the conference

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Examine the challenges debated at the Johannesburg Summit
Swiss flag at the UN headquarters On Sept. 10, Switzerland votes to become the 190th UN member state. The country had previously held observer status to not compromise its neutrality.
Annan with president of East Timor East Timor - now officially Timor-Leste-- becomes the 191st member of the UN. The Sept. 27 event takes place four months after the country's official independence from Indonesia.

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United Nations Mission of Suppot in East Timor
missile silos UN arms inspectors return to Iraq. In order to lift sanctions imposed at the start of the Gulf War, Iraq must end all production and development of weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, chemical, biological and other - and be subject to monitoring. Once cleared, Iraq can sell its oil.

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United Nations Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission

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Go inside Iraq to investigate Saddam's weapons and regime.

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