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1997: Kofi Annan starts as Secretary-General.
1997: Annan launches UN reform.
1999: NATO bombing of Yugoslavia begins.
1999: Annan apologizes for Rwanda genocide.

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Kofi Annan Kofi Annan takes up the post of Secretary-General.

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The official UN biography

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An interview with the Secretary-General.
Kyoto Treaty tackles climate change. The agreement calls for a reduction in global greenhouse emmissions by 5 percent, but critics say concessions offered to polluting nations will do little to stop global warming. The U.S. pulls out of the treaty in March 2001.

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Control

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An analysis of the global warming dispute.
Kofi Annan announces reform plan Annan sets out his UN reform plan. Upon taking office, Annan took immediate steps to make the UN a leaner, more efficient and more effective organization. The effort is ongoing.

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All the details about what will be cut and why.

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Annan outlines his reform plan.
Ted Turner pledges $1 billion to UN.

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A discussion about Turner's $1 billion donation.
UN weapons inspectors in Iraq Weapons inspectors pull out of Iraq.

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A full report on the weapons inspections crisis.
Annan denies received warning and did nothing in response to Rwanda genocide. "No one can deny that the world failed the people of Rwanda. But the crucial issue is not how to apportion blame with the benefit of hindsight. . .we should be asking how we can insure that such a tragedy can never happen again." He sets up an independent inquiry into the UN handling of the crisis.

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THE NEW YORKER's Philip Gourevitch discusses the Rwanda report.

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