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UN peacekeepers Conflict Resolution

The Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan and more -- how can you prevent modern conflict?

Students will apply the UN's own peacemaking principles to a variety of world conflicts and keep track of their progress in a conflict journal.
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Human Rights

Schools in Afghanistan, refugees from Chechnya, child laborers in India -- what would you do to defend human rights?

Students will write a radio news report about the signing of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and learn how its principles apply today.
Afghan girl writing
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African workers Visions for a New World

When you dream of a better world, what do you see?

Students will go on a UN scavenger hunt to prepare a report on how they would correct one of the world's most pressing international ills.
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Web Resources

Take your class on a global adventure!

Dip into resources that let you exchange views with teachers and students around the world or provide ways to add a dash of international flavor to every school day.

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