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Cartoon from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, commenting on Hugo Black's appointment to the Court, 1937


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt nominated Alabama Senator Hugo Black to the Supreme Court on August 12, 1937. Five days later, the Senate confirmed Black's appointment by a vote of 65 to 16, and shortly thereafter Black left for a trip through Europe with his wife. While Black was away, however, a reporter from PITTSBURG POST-GAZETTE discovered that, while serving as a Southern politician in the 1920s, Black had belonged to the Klu Klux Klan. Black returned to the States amidst calls for his resignation, but with Roosevelt's backing, he stood his ground and assumed his seat on the Court. Black would go on to vindicate himself by establishing a judicial record strongly sympathetic to African Americans and the civil rights movement. Here, a cartoonist from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE comments on Black's appointment to the Court.