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Interested in learning more about the Supreme Court? Whether you want to know about upcoming cases on the Court's docket, have a question about a particular aspect of constitutional law, or are simply curious about the landmark legal decisions that affect your life, we've compiled lists of books, videos, audio tapes, relevant Web sites -- and even a board game -- that will help to inform and entertain!

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Browse through a multitude of books about the Court, from the general interest to the scholarly. Learn about THE SUPREME COURT: THE PERSONALITIES AND RIVALRIES THAT DEFINED AMERICA, Jeffrey Rosen's companion book to this television series.

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Print Resources

Explore the many Web sites devoted to tracking the Court. Learn about the cases on this season's docket, or research a justice, decision, or the evolution of a particular legal issue through history.

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Online Resources

Multimedia and Games Children and Young Adults
Take a look at related videos, DVDs, audio tapes of oral arguments before the Court -- and even a board game!

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Multimedia and Games

There are many excellent resources about the Supreme Court written especially for kids and young adults. If you're looking for information for a school report -- or just interested in learning more about this very important branch of our government -- check out these great books!

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Children and Young Adults