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You will be watching a video clip. Think about the questions below as you watch. When the clip has ended, answer the questions below. Try to answer them fully, but do not worry too much if you missed something. We will review these together in class.

Clip: The election of Richard M. Nixon and the justices he wanted to appoint to the Court

A) What were some of the major campaign promises and themes during Richard Nixon's campaign?

B) Once elected, Nixon asked then Assistant Attorney General William Rehnquist to help identify potential people to appoint to the Court. What sort of justice did Nixon (and Rehnquist) want to appoint?

C) What is the idea of "strict constructionism," and how does it contrast it to a more "judicial activist" philosophy about interpreting the Constitution?

D) In addition to nominating Chief Justice Warren Burger, Associate Justice Harry Blackmun, and Associate Justice Lewis Powell, whom did Nixon appoint?

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