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Balancing Federal and State Authority
by Alison Jovanovic and Lena Morreale Scott for Street Law, Inc.

Print out and make copies of these organizers for your students:

  • Handouts/Transparencies:

    • Transparency #1: Shared Powers -- Download

    • Handout #1: Federalism Classification Activity -- Download

    • Transparency #2: Blank for Federalism Classification Activity -- Download

    • Answer Key: Federalism Classification Activity -- Download

    • Handout #2: McCulloch v. Maryland -- Download

  • Handouts/Transparencies for Optional Extension Activities:

    • Optional Handout #3: Guided Questions for Watching "One Nation Under Law" -- Download

    • Optional Transparency #3: Federalism Debate Prompts -- Download

    • Optional Handout #4A: Federalism and Medical Marijuana Laws -- Download

    • Optional Handout #4B: Federalism and Physician-Assisted Suicide -- Download

    • Optional Handout #4C: Federalism and the Debate Over a Proposed National School Test -- Download

    • Optional Handout #4D: Federalism and the Clash Over Federal and State Environmental Regulation -- Download

    • Teacher Talking Points for Current Federalism Controversies -- Download