The Supreme Court The Supreme Court - Image of hands holding a gavel.
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Marsha Drummond, Director, LAB@Thirteen
Chris Czajka, Associate Director, LAB@Thirteen
Suzanne Guthrie, Producer, LAB@Thirteen


Lee Arbetman, Director of US Programs, Street Law, Inc
Lena Morreale Scott, Senior Program Director, Street Law, Inc.
Judy Zimmer, Deputy Director, Street Law, Inc.
Alison Jovanovic, Consultant, Street Law, Inc.


Kathryn Kolbert, Senior Research Administrator with the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania (APPC) and Executive Producer, NPR's Justice Talking
Patrick McGillicuddy, American History and Government Teacher, South Brooklyn Community High School
Mabel C. McKinney-Browning, Director, Division for Public Education, American Bar Association
Lena Morreale Scott, Senior Program Director, Street Law, Inc.
R. Kent Newmyer, Professor of Law and History, University of Connecticut
Amy Wallace, Esquire, Educational Consultant

People standing awaiting the entrance of Justices in the Supreme Court Room of the Capitol, 1904

Library of Congress
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