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Review the Court's History Landmark Cases Photo of Joseph Lochner, 1908
Many of these cases have names you've never heard before, but each of them has had a profound impact on all areas of American life, from education to law enforcement, and from taxes to privacy.

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Enacted after the close of the Civil War, the Fourteenth Amendment promised equal rights for African Americans by declaring that states could not deny to "any person" the equal protection of the law -- but how, and, why, did the Court undermine that promise?

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Portrait of Louis Brandeis Biographies of the Robes Play the Game Talking About My Constitution
The Supreme Court has included diverse personalities from across the political spectrum, from brilliant scholars to seasoned politicians. Their ranks include former senators,
Test your knowledge of Supreme Court history and the Constitution by matching landmark cases and justice quotes.
congressmen, a president, and even a member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

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Primary Sources Listen to President Roosevelt's 1937 fireside chat describing his plan to reorganize the Court. Read news articles and political cartoons reacting to stormy relations between FDR and the Court.

Collage of primary source documents

''Democracy substitutes self-restraint for external restraint. It is more difficult to maintain than to achieve.'' a quote from Louid D. Brandeis Did You Know? Thirty-six justices have served in the military.