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Slavery and the Making of AmericaDramatic re-enactment of slaves being transported on a boat
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Civil Rights Under Fire
The Ku Klux Klan Act is passed, giving the federal government the right to mete out punishment where civil rights laws are not upheld and to use military force against anti-civil rights conspiracies.

The Second Enforcement Act is passed to enforce rights granted to African Americans by the amended Constitution.

In South Carolina, Grant imposes martial law and suspends the writ of habeas corpus.

Whites in Georgia vote in a "Redeemer" government.

The African-American Fisk Jubilee Singers go on national tour. The proceeds from the tour go toward the founding of Fisk University.

Grant wins re-election against a Democratic/liberal Republican opponent.

The Freedmen's Bureau is abolished.

The Amnesty Act removes most remaining restrictions on Confederate office-holding.

The New York TRIBUNE prints articles charging black representatives in South Carolina with corruption.

In Colfax, Louisiana, in an attempt to protect the Republican government, the primarily black state militia clashes with the "White League," a group committed to all white government. Over 100 African Americans are killed.

Arkansas and Alabama vote in "Redeemer" governments.

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