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Slavery and the Making of AmericaDramatic re-enactment of slaves being transported on a boat
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The Struggle Continues
Two African Americans sit in the Massachusetts Legislature. It is the first time black representatives have participated in this branch of American government.

Congress passes an act to expand the Freedmen's Bureau. Johnson vetoes the act, but again Congress overrides his veto.

Johnson meets with a delegation headed by Frederick Douglass to discuss the issue of black suffrage.

The U.S. Army creates black cavalry and infantry regiments.

Nearly 15,000 people gather in the nation's capitol to celebrate Emancipation.

The former Confederate States enact "Black code" laws to counteract the thirteenth amendment.

Congress votes to readmit Tennessee after its ratification of the fourteenth amendment.

Race riots take place in Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Ku Klux Klan is founded in Tennessee.

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