Slavery and the Making of AmericaPhoto of a group slaves on a Beaufort, South Carolina plantation
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The Slave Experience: Responses to Enslavement
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The Decisions Slaves Made
Consider the dilemmas, from the routine to the life-altering, that were a part of daily life for slaves.
Cynthia chose between working the field, and serving as her master's mistress.
Illustration of slave woman Slave Ship Robert
Conditions on slave ships were notoriously abysmal. How did slaves respond?
Illustration of Africans on deck of slave ship - Library of Congress Josiah Henson
Josiah Henson's mother was assaulted. What was his father's response?
Illustration of white man grabbing a slave - Library of Congress
John Mason
Escaped slaves struggled to help free others while avoiding recapture.
Illustration of people in horse-drawn carriage William Grimes
Slaves often resented those among them chosen as favorites by their masters.
Illustration of coffee cup Charles Ball
Charles Ball escaped only to be kidnapped and sent to work on a new plantation.
Illustration of slave in chains - Library of Congress
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