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Daily record of passing events on Eustatia Plantation, during the week commencing on the 10th day of June 1860

the 10

Sunday. Mary Ann left for Natchez on the Vicksburg raind in the morning ground very wet too wet to plow in old lanes Negroes all well I am very loansom bland & sultry

the 11

Monday. 24 plows running in the back end of the field ground allmost too wet to plow in new ground warmer hoeing Kean in the blacksmith shop old Thomas filling wheels the warmest day this year

the 12

Tuesday. 24 plows running in burs stem high Kean with his gang hoeing cotton Very warm day mules week corn sears Ben ran a way at night cloudey part of the day

the 13

Wednesday. 22 plows running Kean & his gang hoeing cotton warm day mules tired burs & grass very large & tuff I am working about the yard Baswell cuting down some weeds round gin House Peter Henny Betsy Oos Mary Ben Roda sick

the 14

Thursday. 22 plows running warmer hoeing crop is rather faier Very warm cloudey looks like rain Negroes are in a Hell of a [Buessell]

the 15

Friday. 20 plows running midelles Very bad Kean & his gang hoeing cotton & the corn Jo Claborn got kicked by a mule warm day old Peter Henny Liga sick Negroes wanting to runway sent & got 5 sacks of corn of Borham which he ows

the 16

Saturday. 19 plows running on front women hoeing warm day mules are very tiny nearly broke down Negroes are shi runnaway if I Look at them crooked
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