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Daily record of passing events on Eustatia Plantation, during the week commencing on the 8th day of July 1860

the 8

Sunday. warm day some few sick Jerry left for parts unknown mules are very healthy have not had a sick mule since com menced giving them salt lime on ashes

the 9

Monday. sweeping & hoeing cotton cotton is growing rather slow turnd off dry too sudent the weather is warmer tham I ever felt it it is been warm for a long time

the 10

Tuesday. sweeping & hoeing Keen sharpening sweeps Tom working at his shop 6 sick weather very hot

the 11

Wednesday. sweeping & hoeing Very hot Kean working in blacksmith shop Tom working in his shop

the 12

Thursday. sweeping & hoeing Keen in blacksmith shop Tom at his shop Louisa Dunmore had a colt

the 13

Friday. men sweeping women hoeing Tom working in his shop Keen put on some [tins] Very warm day several sick women hoeing

the 14

Saturday. old Peter William Campbell went after Baskel Limber Jim Jinefer grinding axes ground meal after dinner finished sweeping or quit for a while
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