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Daily record of passing events on Eustatia Plantation, during the week commencing on the 23rd day of December 1860

the 23

Sunday. All well and at rest.

the 24

Monday. Men cutting wood and hauling it. Women cleaning up the Quarters. All well. I went hog hunting & killed five hogs. Received 20 barrels pork per Henry Von Phul from Mason & Wetherell.

the 25

Tuesday. Christmas day. All hands had holiday Gave them three hogs.

the 26

Wednesday. All hands had holiday. Gave them a beef. Received one barrel of flour and barrel Molasses Per Quitman

the 27

Thursday. All hands had holiday. Gave them Molasses Flour & coffee.

the 28

Friday. All hands had holiday

the 29

Saturday. All hands had holiday
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