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Mary Ann goes to Natchez

Masters often sent slaves to Natchez, Mississippi, to be sold. But Mary Ann seems to have been sent to the slave-trading center for a different reason. According to the book accounts, a slave named "Mary Anderson" (most likely the same woman as Mary Ann) was back on the Eustatia plantation working in October. Mrs. Eustatia was also in Natchez through the spring and summer of 1860, returning to her estate on September 28th.

It was not uncommon for a mistress and a female house slave to develop an attachment to one another. Harriet Jacobs experienced such a relationship with her first mistress. In INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF A SLAVE GIRL, her autobiography, she writes "My mistress was so kind to me that I was always glad to do her bidding, and proud to labour for her as much as my young years would permit. . .I loved her; for she had been almost like a mother to me." The correspondence between the dates of Mrs. Eustatia's absence from the plantation and those of Mary Ann's suggest that Mary Ann was a favorite, taken to Natchez to serve her mistress and keep her company. Traveling with one's mistress gave female slaves a rare opportunity for mobility.
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