Slavery and the Making of AmericaDramatic re-enactment of a slave in uniform
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The Slave Experience: Legal Rights & Gov't
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Introduction Legal Rights & Gov't
Character Spotlight Photo of actor portraying Elizabeth (Mum Bett) Freeman Get the Historical Overview
Were slaves able to take their masters to court? Could they vote? Could they open businesses? Could they Run for office? During slavery, were black men and women even considered U.S. citizens?
Read and find out!
Elizabeth Freeman (Mum Bett) Mum Bett and her sister were slaves in the Ashley family's Massachusetts home. There, they were subjected to the violent eruptions of their mistress.
Read and Listen Personal Narratives with a photo collage of slaves
Explore compelling first-hand accounts of life during slavery and Reconstruction.
You be the Judge
Original Documents Photo collage of historical ducuments
An 1863 illustration of slave being whipped. What's the verdict? You decide on these real-life cases that made history.
Learn about the Dred Scott decision and other issues related to slaves' legal rights by exploring documents dating to the Colonial, Antebellum, and Reconstruction periods in American history.
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