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The Slave Experience: Legal Rights & Gov't
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Original Documents Legal Rights & Gov't

Explore the original documents. Get document descriptions, transcripts, and images:

Collage of images including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and a Congressional resolution
Legal Documents
Acts of the Commonwealth of Virginia
The U.S. Constitution, Article 1. Section 2. The "Three-Fifths Clause"
The Declaration of Independence
Conference Report on the Missouri Compromise
The U.S. Constitution, Fourteenth Amendment
"Black Codes" of Mississippi
Excerpt from the Civil Rights Act of 1866
The U.S. Constitution, Fifteenth Amendment
Court Records and Reports
Certification of Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi
Supreme Court judgment in DRED SCOTT V JOHN F.A. SANFORD
Thomas T.G. Pearce's Original Fugitive Slave Petition and Ownership Documentation
"Form of a Petition" in the PALLADIUM OF LIBERTY
Newspaper Articles
"Election Methods in the South" in THE NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW
Reynold's Political Map of the United States
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