Slavery and the Making of AmericaPicture of the first black U.S. Senator and representatives
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The Slave Experience: Freedom & Emancipation
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Introduction Freedom & Emancipation
Illustration of African Americans voting Imagining Freedom Illustrated cartoon of Abraham Lincoln Get the Historical Overview
Did slaves fight for the British or the Colonists in the Revolutionary War? Which state was the first to abolish slavery? Did the Emancipation Proclamation free all slaves or only some? What was life like for African men and women when slavery was officially ended?
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Match nineteenth century cartoons with the slavery-related events that inspired them.

Character Spotlight: Robert Smalls Photo of actor portraying Robert Smalls
Original Documents
'The people then throws away their hoe then. They throwed away they hoe.' - Wallace Quarterman
Learn about the Thirteenth Amendment and the path slaves took toward freedom through documents dating to the Colonial, Antebellum, and Reconstruction periods in American history.

Robert Smalls was born into slavery on the McKee plantation. At twelve, Robert was hired out in Charleston.
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Personal Narratives
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to compelling first-hand accounts of life under slavery and Reconstruction.
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