The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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ooking for more letters by Henry VIII's six wives? Details on fashion, foods and fads in Tudor England? Or just want to relax with a sampling of music by Henry VIII? Whatever your Tudor quest, our Resources can help you pinpoint it online.

History of the Monarchy: The Tudors
Get the official British line on all the Tudor kings and queens -- from Henry VII to Elizabeth I .

Tudor & Elizabethan Portraits
Looking for a PEOPLE-style guide to the celebrities of Henry VIII's court? This site offers a vast gallery of portraits of the noble -- and not-so noble -- in Tudor times.

Henry VIII: Intrigue in the Tudor Court Game
Download this free board game and test your own wits against a set of scheming Tudor courtiers.

Life in Tudor England
This highly readable site by a Tudor fan features information on money, sorcery, food and drink and more in Tudor times. A handy FAQ covers the basics of Tudor lore.

Tudor History
The godfather of Tudor Web sites, includes chronologies, detailed biographies, primary sources, e-mail lists, plus guides to Tudor-themed films and TV shows and a collection of spoofs on Tudor themes.

Tudor England - Suite
If you can overlook Suite 101's unwieldy navigation, you'll hit on a treasure chest of Tudor sundries at this reference site. Find out what Anne Boleyn's childhood home, Hever Castle, is like today, get book recommendations or the scoop on Tudor toilets.

Tudor Costumes

From the partlet to the farthingale, learn the mechanics of Tudor gowns -- and their undergarments.

Historic Royal Palaces
Take a tour of the Tower of London or Hampton Court Palace at this photo-rich Web site.

Greenwich Palace
Whatever the chapter of Tudor history, somewhere in it stands Greenwich Palace. The magnificent royal residence has long since been absorbed into other buildings, but this site helps bring its significance to life again.

Richard III and Wars of the Roses
Before there was Henry VII (the first Tudor king), there was Richard III. Dig into the controversy surrounding this king's overthrow at the hands of Henry Tudor.

Mary Tudor
Born a princess, declared a bastard, then restored to grace, Mary Tudor, Henry VIII's child by Catherine of Aragon, led a tragic but intriguing life. This site provides detailed biographical information, a family tree and portrait gallery on the queen remembered now as "Bloody Mary."

The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth
She would be known as Good Queen Bess, but Elizabeth I, daughter of Anne Boleyn, was far more than a good-time girl. Dig into her soap opera of a life at this encyclopedic site.

About Edward VI
A concise, illustrated biography of Henry VIII's only surviving son.

Selected Works of Martin Luther

Why all the fuss about Martin Luther? Find out why in this anthology of writings, prayers, hymns and more by the rebel reverend.

Church of England
Curious about the church established by Henry VIII? What's the difference between Anglicans and Catholics? Or other Protestants? Read on.

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Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour Anne of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr