Get your students involved in Tudor History! With these lesson plans and activities your students will discover the real Henry VIII -- from his royal duties to his royal pursuits. Kids will also find out what daily life was like for Henry's lowly subjects.


Thirteen Ed Online: Comparing Wives and Lives
Grade Level: 8-10
In this lesson, students learn about Henry's wives by doing group and individual research.

Thirteen Ed Online: The Tudors' True Story
Grade Level: 9-12
Students explore history critically through group research in order to understand fully the social, political and cultural life of Henry VIII's reign.

Educate the Children: Why Did Henry VIII Marry Six Times?
Grade Level: 2-3
Through a series of eight lesson plans, students will learn about Henry's role as king and the reasons he married his wives. Worksheets such as "The Good Wife Guide" and "Job Description for a King" are provided.

Educate the Children: The Rich and the Poor in Tudor Times
Grade Level: 2-3
You can use these six lesson plans to teach your class what it was like to live during Tudor times.

BBC: Tudor Lesson Plan
Grade Level: 2-3
Students will learn about the lifestyles of the different classes in Tudor society. After the lesson, students can then play the interactive game Time Tunnel.

Learning Connections: The Tudors
Grade Level: 2-4 This site is an excellent resource to help you plan a project on the Tudors. Fun activity sheets such as "Tudor Family Tree" and "Match the Monarch" will enhance your lessons.

The Renaissance
Grade Level: 2-4 Kids are summoned by King Henry VIII to write a newsletter about his kingdom. Topics include social life, clothing, religion, art, and music.


Active History: Tudors and Stuarts
Grade Level: 6-7
Kids can conduct a virtual interview with Henry VIII, play an interactive game in which students can "splat" members of Henry's court or fling a teacher to the sky with their knowledge of the Tudors.

Dress the Tudors and the Victorians
Grade Level: 1-6
In this game, kids will determine which piece of clothing belongs to which time period.

Henry VIII and the Tudors
Grade Level: 2-5
This site, written specifically for 7 to 10-year-olds, makes history fun! Kids can learn more about Henry and his wives through engaging essays and they can test their knowledge with a quiz.
History on the Net: The Tudors
Grade Level: 2-6
Elementary school kids will enjoy the word searches at this site after they learn all about Tudor food, clothing, religious practices and monarchs.

Tudor and Elizabethan Times
Grade Level: 1-4
Explore this picture-rich site with your students and discover the music and monarchs of the period.

Tudor History: Pen Pals
Grade Level: 4-12
Encourage students to share their love of all things Tudor with pen pals. Sign up online.

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