The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Portrait of a King
Into Power & Prestige Looks Likes Love Life Little Ways

Henry VIII, "the goodliest man of his time," by Hans Holbein the Younger. © Kathleen Cohen

Love Life
Six wives, four mistresses and one Henry. Find out why love makes the king's heart "sore."


Little Ways
When in doubt, off with their heads! But what drove Henry's paranoia?


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hy marry Henry VIII? This overweight, ham-fisted king started off as arguably Europe's hottest royal catch. After divorcing two wives, executing two others and seeing a fifth die in childbirth, interest in Henry sagged , but at a time when marriage was less about romance and more about powerful alliances, Henry VIII never entirely lost all of his allure. To find out more, choose one of the sections below.

Power and Prestige
His anger drips from an axe. His clothes drip with diamonds and pearls. But is there more to Henry's roar?