The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Jane Seymour | 1508-1537
Role As Queen
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Jane Seymour's badge
Queen's Motto:
Bound to Obey and Serve
Jane's badge: A phoenix rising from a castle with Tudor roses

Jane Seymour

ane Seymour was the only one of Henry's wives to fulfill a Tudor queen's ultimate role -- the birth of a legitimate son (See Children). For this, she would be known as Henry VIII's most beloved wife.

But, ironically, unlike her predecessors, Jane Seymour was never crowned queen. Rumor had it that the king had postponed Jane's coronation until she proved herself capable of bearing heirs. In reality, Henry's treasury was depleted. A coronation had to wait until funds from dissolved religious houses were diverted to the royal coffers. The date was slotted for October 1536 -- within ten months of their wedding. But when October came, an outbreak of the plague and a series of uprisings in England's North (see King vs. Queen) prevented the ceremony from taking place. To pacify the rebels, Henry agreed to their demands that when the queen was crowned it would take place in the North, at York -- a promise that went unfulfilled.

The fact that she was never crowned
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