The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Jane Seymour
But the rejoicing was not to last. Days later, Jane fell ill from puerperal fever, probably caused by an infection. Jane's illness was common cause of death for women after childbirth during that time. The queen made a slight recovery, but on October 23 Henry was summoned to his wife's bedside. As the king stood by, last rites were administered. Hours later, Jane died quietly in her sleep. She was 28 years old and had been queen for just 18 months.

Years later, it was rumored that the king in his eagerness to have an heir had ordered Prince Edward to be cut free and had sacrificed Jane. But Jane had been well enough after the birth to receive guests after Edward's birth. In truth, Henry was devastated; he went into seclusion and refused to see anyone. Mary, who lost her beloved friend and ally, was at the head of the queen's funeral procession. Jane was buried in St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

In his later years, Henry would remember his time with Jane as the happiest in his life. In 1543, during Henry's marriage to Catherine Parr, he commissioned a painting with his three children and his wife. But instead of Queen Catherine at his side, it was Jane Seymour, Tudor matriarch. When Henry died in 1547, he left instructions to be buried with this most beloved of all his wives.


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