The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Jane Seymour | 1508-1537
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Henry VIII with family
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Henry VIII with family ©Kathleen Cohen

Jane Seymour

hroughout the last months of Jane's pregnancy, churches across the country prayed for her safe delivery. Henry also made sure the royal physicians and the best midwives in the kingdom attended his queen. On October 9, 1537 Jane's labor pains began and lasted three days and three nights. Finally, on Friday, October 12, she gave birth to Prince Edward (see Children). Although the queen suffered from the prolonged labor, there was no hint yet of the illness which would lead to her death. Henry, who had finally received his wish for a male heir, was delirious with joy. Following tradition, Queen Jane informed the Privy Council of the birth of her son "conceived in the most lawful matrimony between my lord the King's Majesty and us." (see In Her Own Words) At a midnight ceremony on October 12, Edward was christened and proclaimed heir apparent.

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