The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Jane Seymour | 1508-1536
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Henry and Jane

as Jane Seymour really a virgin? Twenty-seven when the king began his courtship, Jane had been at court for six years. Although her virtuous behavior was praised by everyone, Spanish ambassador Eustace Chapuys thought it unlikely that she was still chaste. According to Chapuys, Jane, "being an Englishwoman and having been so long" at court, where immorality was widespread, could not be as virtuous as was popularly assumed. Chapuys stated that king was not troubled by Jane's chastity or lack thereof "since he may marry her on condition she is a maid, and when he wants a divorce there will be plenty of witnesses ready to testify that she was not." Despite the speculation, there is no proof that Jane had sexual dalliances prior to her relationship with King Henry.

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