The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Jane Seymour | 1508-1536
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Jane Seymour by Holbein the Younger

wo of Jane's brothers, Edward and Thomas, would gain great prominence at Henry's court, but be executed during the reign of his son, Edward. Until his fall from power in 1549, Edward, Duke of Somerset acted as Lord Protector of England, serving young Edward VI as regent. Thomas Seymour would be made Lord High Admiral and, after a failed attempt to wed King Henry's daughter, Elizabeth, go on to marry Catherine Parr. Seymour would not forget the auburn-haired princess, however -- after attempting to seduce her, he later embroiled the teen-aged Elizabeth in a plot to take over the throne -- an act that cost him his life.

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Top: Jane Seymour by Holbein the Younger ©John R. Poss

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