The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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King Vs. Queen
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When a loyal servant dropped the warrant outside the queen's rooms, she collapsed in hysterics. Then, regrouped, determined to be the conformist queen. While her ladies discarded banned books on religion, she hastened to the king.

Henry steered the conversation to religion, commenting that "ye are become a doctor, Kate, to instruct us . . .", but Catherine had the perfect

response: "I am but a woman, with all the imperfections natural to the weakness of my sex; therefore in all matters of doubt and difficulty I must refer myself to your Majesty's better judgement, as to my lord and head."

The strategy worked. Wriothesley would next be greeted with cries from the king of "Knave!," "Fool!" and "Beast!," while Queen Catherine would be given a set of gorgeous new jewels.

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