The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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atherine Parr was no beetle-browed bluestocking. Thought to stand about 5'10", Catherine would be the tallest of Henry VIII's six wives. She featured reddish-gold hair and hazel eyes and would be known for her love of impressive jewels, sumptuous French and Italian gowns, and shoes (in one year, she would order 47 different pairs). Thirty-one when Henry VIII first began to consider her, she did not boast particular beauty, but projected great dignity.

Catherine's reputation for amiability and good will had already been sorely tested. At the time of Henry's courtship, she was married to John Neville, Lord Latimer, a man nearly 20 years older than her whom she had dutifully nursed for some time. She had been held under house arrest by Northern rebels, lost her first husband at the age of 20, and seen her mother die a year later. For fortitude, few could compare.

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