The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine Howard
Love Life
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Cheating on the king was a tricky business and Catherine needed a loyal confidante to shield her from inquisitive courtiers. To do the job she recruited one of her ladies-in-waiting -- Jane, Viscountess Rochford, Anne Boleyn's sister-in-law, who had accused her husband of incest with Queen Anne.

Thomas Culpeper

While Culpeper and Catherine rendez-voused in the queen's rooms, Lady Rochford stood watch. Disaster nearly struck one night when, at Pontefract Castle, the king unexpectedly arrived at Catherine's apartments, but Lady Rochford had taken the precaution of bolting the queen's doors from the inside to prevent anyone from entering unexpectedly, and calamity was avoided. Nevertheless, Catherine and Thomas's affair would soon be discovered and since adultery against the king was treason, the two -- along with Lady Rochford -- would perish.

Children Go

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