The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine Howard
Love Life
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Catherine would later state in her confession, Dereham "used [her] ... as a man doth his wife." Their relationship, however, cooled after Dereham left for Ireland on business and Catherine began her career at court. Once Catherine became queen, Dereham wasted no time getting back in touch with the woman he considered his common-law wife. When Dereham asked Catherine for employment, she panicked, feeling blackmailed, and foolishly appointed him her private secretary. Dereham was over-familiar with the queen and aroused jealousy by those at court who felt that Catherine was giving

Catherine Howard and Thomas Culpeper

him preferential treatment. Dereham had hoped to renew their relations, but Catherine already had a new lover -- Thomas Culpeper.

Thomas Culpeper

Catherine first met Thomas Culpeper, a distant cousin and member of Henry's Privy Council, while she was still maid-of-honor to Anne of Cleves. Once Henry began his courtship of Catherine, however, the pair's relationship came to an end. But their separation would not last. By spring 1541, Thomas and Catherine were back together again, as shown by the love letter Catherine wrote to Thomas that year (see In Her Own Words).

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