The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine Howard | 1525?-1542
Love Life
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Catherine Howard and Francis Dereham

y the time Catherine Howard married Henry, she was already sexually experienced (see Trouble Alert). Her pre-marital affair with Francis Dereham and with Thomas Culpepper during her marriage would bring about her downfall and execution. Henry, in contrast, was completely devoted to Catherine and so in love with her that he never suspected his unfaithful wife.

The Queen's Lovers

Francis Dereham

At the age of 13, Catherine fell in love with Dereham, a gentleman in the service of her grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, Dereham visited Catherine in the girls' dormitory at Lambeth, reportedly lying on her bed, kissing Catherine, and, according to servants' tales, indulging in "puffing and blowing." Catherine and Dereham called each other "husband" and "wife," exchanged love-tokens, and were once reportedly caught by the duchess kissing passionately. As

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