The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine Howard
King Vs. Queen
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With the king's support, Cranmer proceeded to cross-examine the hysterical Catherine. Instead of admitting to a pre-contract with Dereham, which would have declared her marriage to Henry invalid and saved her life, the queen, panicking, claimed that Dereham had forced himself on her. Meanwhile, Dereham, hoping to save himself, had revealed under interrogation Catherine's relationship with Culpeper (see Love Life).

By the time Catherine had written a confession (see In Her Own Words) detailing her past relationship with Dereham, Cranmer had ordered Culpeper's arrest and had had his apartments searched. In Culpeper's chambers, a letter from Catherine, proving their affair, was discovered (see In Her Own Words). Catherine had signed it: "Yours as long as life endures." Unfortunately for the queen, that wish was an empty one, for now there was proof that her youthful indiscretions had carried over into adulterous acts. Henry would not tolerate an unfaithful wife.

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