The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine Howard | 1525?-1542
Ultimate Fate
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Catherine Howard
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Above: Catherine on the beheading block.

Tower of London

fter admitting her relations with Dereham and Culpeper (see King Vs. Queen), Catherine Howard was banished to Syon Abbey where she would remain for two months. Her rich clothes and jewels were confiscated. On November 22, 1542, the title of queen was also taken from her. Catherine was terrified but at least she was not in the Tower, where her cousin, Anne Boleyn was sent to await her fate. She held out hope that the king would forgive her.

Meanwhile, evidence against Catherine continued to build as her lovers and other witnesses were interrogated. Dereham and Culpeper were questioned and tortured. Her ladies-in-waiting, terrified of being implicated, betrayed their mistress and provided damning evidence.

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