The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine Howard | 1525?-1542
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Francis Dereham and Catherine Howard

atherine attracted many men from an early age and, under her grandmother's lax supervision, would have two sordid affairs. Catherine's music teacher, Henry Manox, taught her the virginal and the flute and also tried to seduce his young pupil. As she later would confess: "at the flattering and fair persuasions of Manox being but a young girl I suffered him at sundry times to handle and touch the secret parts of my body...." Catherine's sexual education continued with Francis Dereham, a gentleman in the service of the duchess. At night Dereham would creep up to share Catherine's bed in the girls' dormitory. A maid who shared the room refused to sleep nearby because of all the "puffing and blowing" that came from Catherine's bed. Their relationship would eventually wane, but not before they had a pre-contract for marriage or an engagement -- viewed as legally binding as marriage.
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