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Catherine Howard | 1525?-1542
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Catherine Howard

t an early age, Catherine was sent by her father, Lord Edmund Howard, to live with her step-grandmother, Agnes, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk. The Duchess of Norfolk, had been a prominent court figure in her day and many parents, in hopes of advancing their children's chances in court, placed their children under her care. At her houses at Lambeth in Norfolk and Horsham in Surrey, the Duchess offered a comfortable home. She did not, however, provide strict supervision of her wards and allowed her granddaughter Catherine to run wild -- a fact that would later have dire consequences. The young girl's education was largely neglected, though she did learn to read and write. She also enjoyed her music lessons along with the attentions of her teacher, Henry Manox (see Trouble Alert).
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Above: Catherine Howard at the girls' dormitory in Lambeth

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