The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Role As Queen
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Catherine's badge
Queen's Motto:
Humble and Loyal
Catherine's badge: A pomegranate for Spain

Catherine of Aragon
earing a gown of embroidered white satin, with her hair loose, 23-year-old Catherine had represented the ideal queen upon her coronation in June 1509. "There were few women who could compete with the Queen in her prime," the writer Sir Thomas More would recall.

During her early years with Henry, Catherine acted as the king's most influential advisor. Her goal in this was not only to support her spouse, but to advance the interests of Spain. In 1511, Catherine saw the culmination of her influence with the signing of the Treaty of Westminster, an agreement that pledged Henry and Ferdinand of Aragon to work together against France. Convinced of Ferdinand's support and that of Holy Roman Emperor Maxmilian I, the 22-year-old king set off in 1513 for France, determined to claim control of the French throne.

He left Catherine as regent. Two months after Henry's departure, the Scots invaded England.
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