The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Henry and Catherine

ven in the midst of his affair with Anne Boleyn, Henry kept up his contacts with Queen Catherine: he dined in her rooms, he had her make his shirts, and he slept in her bed. Sexual relations, though, are believed to have stopped between the pair around the same time that Henry's interest in Anne Boleyn began.

Judging by her character, it would have been highly unlikely that Catherine ever considered her own extra-marital romps. A close relationship she enjoyed with her confessor, Father Diego Fernandez, was the sole cause for speculation, but when Henry ordered that Fernandez must return to Spain, Catherine duly complied.

The queen revered her husband and had learned from childhood that royal wives should turn a blind eye to infidelities. Nonetheless, she no doubt faced a daunting task controlling her feelings. Henry VIII is thought to have had at least four mistresses during their 24-year marriage.

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