The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine's grave
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Photos: Courtesy of Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral
atherine spent her final days being transferred from castle to castle, ever more dilapidated and dreary. Her final days were spent at Kimbolton Castle in Huntingdonshire.

Catherine had steadfastly refused to be addressed by her new title "Dowager Princess of Wales" and at Kimbolton ignored those who did not address her as Queen. Those royal envoys sent to have her swear the oath that recognized Henry's marriage to Anne Boleyn as lawful and their heirs as legitimate were met with explosions of anger. "I am Queen and Queen I will die," she reportedly said.

That sense of identity was made apparent when she refused to transfer her crown jewels to Anne Boleyn or hand over family baptismal cloths for the christening of Anne's daughter, Elizabeth.

Enraged at Catherine's obstinacy, Henry forbade her to see their daughter, Mary, now named a bastard. Shortly before her death,
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