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The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Role As Queen
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Queen's Motto:
God Send Me Well to Keep
Anne's badge: Insignia of Duchy of Cleves

corned by Henry VIII, Anne of Cleves was queen for a mere six months. She was never crowned and all attempts to discuss her coronation with the king were rebuffed.

Ever since her betrothal to Henry VIII, Anne of Cleves had been expected by members of both the Catholic and reformist factions at court to advance the cause of Protestantism in England. It never happened.

Instead, Queen Anne settled into a kind of limbo. She appeared at two holiday tournaments and other public events, and received visits from the king. She spent her days playing cards with her ladies-in-waiting, receiving gifts and various congratulatory messages from Cleves and her husband's subjects. She also concentrated on improving her language skills - her success in this can perhaps be measured by a French report that the English valued her "as one of the most sweet, gracious and humane queens they had had."

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