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The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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ejected by Henry VIII, Anne of Cleves finally came into her own. The 25-year-old "sister" of the king now had independent funds and status and used both to indulge in "all the recreation she could in diversity of dress and pastime," according to French ambassador Charles de Marillac. Anne also eschewed her former abstention where alcohol was concerned and imbibed heavily.

Since parting ways with Henry, Anne spent considerable time with the king and his new wife, Catherine Howard, playing cards or eating dinner. At the court's 1541 New Year's festivities, it was Anne of Cleves who danced with Queen Catherine Howard when Henry VIII slunked off to bed with his gout. Rumors would swirl that the former queen was actually pregnant with the king's child.

After the execution of Catherine Howard in 1542, hopes raised high in the Cleves camp that that imagined story might become a reality. A letter

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