The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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nne of Cleves has traditionally been classified as a Lutheran Protestant - a fact that sparked great alarm on the part of Catherine of Aragon's daughter, Mary, who feared her future stepmother was a heretic. Speculation in England presented Anne as a hard-core evangelical who was reluctant to travel to England "so long as one Abbey is standing." The truth was more mixed. Anne's mother, Duchess Maria, remained a strict Catholic. The rules governing the church in the duchy of Cleves had been drawn up by the Dutch theologian Erasmus, a reform-minded defender of the Catholic church. Anne's sister, Sybilla, had been married to the head of the Schmalkaldic Alliance, a defensive league of Protestant German rulers, but her father, Duke John, was not a member. Anne of Cleves' Protestantism was easy and in time, as queen, she herself would return to the Catholic fold.

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