The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Anne Boleyn
Love Life
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Council. The queen also disliked the girl's frivolousness and scolded her for writing "idle poesies" in her prayer book. But the affair did not last long. Madge began to be courted by Sir Henry Norris whom she would later marry, while the king moved on to another maid-of-honor, Jane Seymour.

Jane Seymour

The antithesis of Queen Anne, Jane Seymour was demure, docile and discreet. Henry had grown tired of Anne's argumentative and aggressive personality and was charmed by this beguiling maid-of-honor. Anne's enemies, seeking to displace her,

Anne Boleyn

pushed the king and Jane together. Nicolas Carew, the king's longtime friend and a member of the conservative Catholic faction that wanted Anne eliminated, coached Jane on how to further attract Henry. Game for the attention, Henry began showering Jane with presents, including a locket with his miniature. When Jane showed it off in front of the queen, Anne violently ripped the locket from Jane's neck. Jane had played her part so well so that once her mistress, Anne Boleyn, was executed, she would become Henry's third wife.

Courtly Love & Queen Anne

Although Anne would be convicted of adultery, historians have never accepted her guilt. After years at

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