The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Anne Boleyn
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who was in charge of her household, "how hath it, yesterday Lady Princess, and today but Lady Elizabeth?" From then on and especially after the birth of Edward VI, Elizabeth was increasingly neglected. Henry's last wife, Catherine Parr, however, provided a comfortable and tranquil household for Elizabeth. But it all ended when Parr's new husband Thomas Seymour gave Elizabeth too much attention. After Parr died, Seymour unsuccessfully proposed to Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth's half-brother, Edward VI, died in 1553 and named Lady Jane Grey as his successor, Elizabeth supported her older half-sister, Mary,

Anne Boleyn with baby Elizabeth

in her fight to become queen. But during Mary's reign, Elizabeth was imprisoned for two months and only saved herself by outwardly conforming to the Catholic faith.

Upon Mary's death in 1558, Elizabeth, at the age of 24, became queen of England. She inherited a bankrupt country, torn by religious strife and weakened by war with France. But by the time Elizabeth died at the age of 70, England was a united nation and a major European power with an impressive navy. During Elizabeth's 45-year reign, literature flourished with the works of Shakespeare and Marlowe and exploration of the New World progressed with Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh. Elizabeth's death in 1603 marked the end of the Tudor dynasty.
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