The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Anne Boleyn | 1501?-1536
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Anne's English bible

hough Anne was raised in the traditional Catholic faith, she advocated reform within the Church. She obtained banned anti-clerical books and supported reformists (see Role as Queen). Anne's reformist leanings would, however, alienate the people of England. Though they supported the king, they were still in favor of the ways of the old faith. Eustace Chapuys, the Spanish ambassador and fervent Catholic, insulted Anne by calling her "more Lutheran than Luther himself." Her biographers argued, however that she was not a Lutheran; she still held on to Catholic beliefs such as the doctrine of transubstantiation and owned many traditional books including "The Book of Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary". But by the time her daughter, Elizabeth I became queen, writers of the period would extol Anne for her Protestant views and credited her with "banishing the beast of Rome with all his beggarly baggage."

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Above: Anne's English bible

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