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The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine of Aragon Anne of Cleves
Anne Boleyn Catherine Howard
Jane Seymour Catherine Parr
Catherine Howard

Follow Catherine Howard's perilous path from the site of her marriage at Oatlands Palace to her execution at the Tower of London.
Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Tower of London

1. Oatlands Palace

Henry married Catherine in Outlands palace on July 28, 1540. A hotel now stands on the grounds of the old palace. An archway from the Tudor period remains.

2. Pontefract Castle

It was at Pontefract Castle, later destroyed in the 17th century, that Francis Dereham, Catherine's former fiancé, approached queen for a position in her household. Presumably to secure his silence about their past, Catherine appointed Dereham her personal secretary.

3. Syon Park (former site of Syon Abbey)
During the investigations into her past, Catherine was placed under house arrest at Syon Abbey, a Bridgettine convent.

4. Tower of London

Catherine Howard, like her cousin Anne Boleyn, was executed in the Tower of London and buried at the Tower's Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula.