The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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et your students involved in Tudor History! With these lesson plans and activities your students will discover the real Henry VIII -- from his royal duties to his royal pursuits. Kids will also find out what daily life was like for Henry's lowly subjects.

Lesson Plans

Thirteen Ed Online: Comparing Wives and Lives
Grade Level: 8-10
In this lesson, students learn about Henry's wives by doing group and individual research.

Thirteen Ed Online: The Tudors' True Story
Grade Level: 9-12
Students explore history critically through group research in order to understand fully the social, political and cultural life of Henry VIII's reign.

BBC: Tudor Lesson Plan
Grade Level: 2-3
Students will learn about the lifestyles of the different classes in Tudor society. After the lesson, students can then play the interactive game Time Tunnel.

Learning Connections: The Tudors
Grade Level: 2-4
This site is an excellent resource to help you plan a project on the Tudors. Fun activity sheets such as "Tudor Family Tree" and "Match the Monarch" will enhance your lessons.

The Renaissance
Grade Level: 2-4
Kids are summoned by King Henry VIII to write a newsletter about his kingdom. Topics include social life, clothing, religion, art, and music.


Active History: Tudors and Stuarts
Grade Level: 6-7
Kids can conduct a virtual interview with Henry VIII, play an interactive game in which students can "splat" members of Henry's court or fling a teacher to the sky with their knowledge of the Tudors.

Dress the Tudors and the Victorians
Grade Level: 1-6
In this game, kids will determine which piece of clothing belongs to which time period.

Henry VIII and the Tudors
Grade Level: 2-5
This site, written specifically for 7 to 10-year-olds, makes history fun! Kids can learn more about Henry and his wives through engaging essays and they can test their knowledge with a quiz.

History on the Net: The Tudors
Grade Level: 2-6
Elementary school kids will enjoy the word searches at this site after they learn all about Tudor food, clothing, religious practices and monarchs.

Tudor and Elizabethan Times
Grade Level: 1-4
Explore this picture-rich site with your students and discover the music and monarchs of the period.

Tudor History: Pen Pals
Grade Level: 4-12
Encourage students to share their love of all things Tudor with pen pals. Sign up online.


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