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Tsunami Program

Don't miss the nifty animated computer simulations of tsunamis in all their watery fury. Home page for the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory's project to mitigate tsunami hazards to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Also features computer modeling research, "inundation maps," and descriptions of PMEL's other tsunami-related efforts.

Tsunami image from PMEL site


More fun computer-generated animations (click on "The Physics of Tsunamis" in the table of contents). The site also has extensive background information aimed at the general public, including explanations of the mechanisms of tsunami generation and propagation, the impact of tsunamis on humankind, the Tsunami Warning System, and how you can protect yourself from a tsunami. More detailed information about recent tsunami events will interest researchers or the serious tsunami hobbyist.


Computer generated tsunami image from Tsunami! site

Tsunami Field Survey Photographs

Archive of digital images, maintained by Dr. Costas Synolakis of the University of Southern California, from 1992-96 tsunami field surveys. Includes video footage of post-tsunami damage. An excellent spur to buy flood insurance.

Tsunami Field Survey logo

Discover Magazine

The Web site for the popular science magazine. The July 1998 issue features an article ("Surf's Up") on the vast submarine landslide, caused by a huge meteorite striking the Yucatan Peninsula, that generated giant tsunamis unleashed on Mexico and Texas sixty-five million years ago.

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