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Here you will find a series of media-rich lesson plans utilizing the TEXAS RANCH HOUSE web site and television series, designed for immediate use with students. The lesson plans -- which adhere to national learning standards -- contain comprehensive instructions for classroom implementation, printable student handouts, and suggestions for cross-curricular extensions. Feel free to adapt the lesson plans to meet your students' needs and your own curricular goals. NOTE TO EDUCATORS

Lesson Plan 1: Cattle Drivers -- View Lesson Plan 1
Grade Level: 5-8

In this lesson, students will examine the lives and lifestyles of 19th century cowboys, the dangers and difficulties faced during cattle drives, and the harsh realities of life on the trail.

Lesson Plan 2: Music and Tall Tales -- View Lesson Plan 2
Grade Level: 5-8

In this lesson, students will investigate recreation and leisure time in the frontier West, and closely examine two popular types of entertainment among Texas cowboys: the tall tale and the cowboy ballad.

Lesson Plan 3: Food -- View Lesson Plan 3
Grade Level: 5-8

In this lesson, students will develop an understanding of the types of food and culinary equipment used during the cattle drive era by exploring an online 1860s Texas ranch kitchen.