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Q&A with Vienna Cooke
Vienna Cooke
Q: How does it feel being back in 2005?

A: I feel like I'm stuck between two different lifestyles. I still have a mindset sometimes of being out on the ranch in 1867, but then I come back here and I'm trying to keep up with the pace of 2005. You felt more relaxed and less stressed out on the ranch, when everything was simpler. 2005 seems more stressful to me. Going to the store, big crowds, dealing with homework, planning your future. It's like when you are in college, always thinking about what am I going to do next year? What am I going to do to get a job? Out there, I just knew what I needed to do to survive.

Q: Looking back, what did you learn?

A: I never thought I would miss being on TEXAS RANCH HOUSE. I was so against it. I was going to hate my mom forever for getting me into it. It's weird to have positive feelings sometimes, because I do remember having so many days of feeling so down and so depressed and angry. I don't want to look at it through rose-colored glasses and tell myself it was so great, that I had a wonderful vacation and it was fun. But I think that there were positive long-term effects.

Q: Have you noticed any changes since you've returned?

A: My sisters and I hardly ever bicker now or fight over small things. It's like we had to stick up for each other so much on the ranch that now we know that we're always there for each other no matter what. So why fight over stupid things? If anything, my family is more important to me now.

Q: Who have you stayed in touch with from the ranch?

A: I stay in touched with Maura. We exchange e-mails. She's come over to our house, spent the night, and we went shopping in San Francisco. It's really great to be able to still talk to her and be friends. It's good to be able to get together with her once in a while and just, like, re-vent. She's pretty much the only one we have to talk to who was there and knows all the people we met and all the experiences.

Q: Do you keep in touch with the cowboys?

A: I've had one or two e-mails with Shaun and he's doing good. We're on good terms now. Everything was really emotional on the last day and I think I probably still have a little bit of emotions from that, but I try not to. I probably don't want to talk to them because otherwise I'll get all mad again. I'm glad I'm on good terms with Shaun because he was a friend out there, too.

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